Monday, June 4, 2012

I Really Need This Person Now and Forever :'(

Having that one person in my life who do things together with me, reads my mind easily, stays till 7 a.m just to listen to my problems. That person who sleeps late but wakes up early just to see me longer, who never bored of me, who understands my lifestyle. That person who is like my best friend, who my parents know about, who my parents trust, who knows everything about me, who makes my day. Who enjoys being with me, being all stubborn and cute at times, being all sweet, who makes me feel like I'm his world and heartbeat.Who never complaints about how I look, what I do, who thinks I'm cute at everything, who appreciates me, who knows that I'm the one for him. Who keeps his promises, who will never leave me alone, who will always be my Superman, who I can trust. Who will make me fall in love with him all over again every single day. 

Yes, I want that person right now, right here next to me, to make me feel okay, understands what I'm going through now and never leaves me :'(